5 Questions Video Production Teams Will Ask You

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As a client, you are probably used to asking questions to professionals whose services you are seeking. But when you’re getting the services of pros for your video production, you should be prepared to answer some questions. 

Any video production company worth its salt will need to understand its clients and their needs before starting a project or even accepting one. To make sure that your video will be a success, you should be prepared to answer these questions from your videographer: 

What Is the Purpose of Your Video?

You will be asked this question because your videographer needs to understand your goals and objectives not only for the video itself but your brand in general. What KPIs or metrics will you evaluate the video against? Whether the video is for charity, educational purposes, marketing campaigns, or something else, you should make it clear with the video production company.

Who Is Your Audience?

Your audience needs to understand who the video is for. What’s the mindset of your audience, and how can we tailor the video for them? This question is asked so that we can get a clear picture of who the video is for and how we can create it in a way that resonates with your intended audience. This is especially important if it’s a well-targeted campaign because your audience should feel that the video is created just for them.

What Do You Want Your Viewers to Know?

This is quite different from what you want to say directly to your audience but what you want viewers to understand about you. Put yourself in the shoes of the viewer to figure out what information they’d want in different stages so you can deliver the right message at the right time, too. 

How Much Do Your Viewers Already Know About Your Brand and Products?

What this tells us is where your prospects are in your marketing funnel. For instance, if your target audience doesn’t know about your product or your brand, your video should be suitable for the top of the funnel stage – an introduction to your brand that will create a good impression on your audience. The video will compel your audience to know your brand and products. If the prospect is already familiar with your brand, the video content should be effective guidance so that your audience can make an informed decision.

What Call to Action Do You Want to Incorporate in the Video?

What call to action should be included in your video? The call to action will help dictate the flow of the video as the goal is to urge the viewer to take action eventually. The script is created so that every dialogue leads to the call to action. The music should fit this CTA, too.


These are just a few questions that a video production company will ask you before starting your project. It’s a good idea to prepare your answers to these questions and to provide the videographer with any other information that you think will help them create the best video they can come up with for you and your audience. Remember that communication between you and the video production team is crucial to the success of your video. 

There are many companies that offer video production in Toronto, so make sure that you choose the right one that will meet your needs, too. 

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