Questions to Ask before Making an Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos can help with business promotion. They can spread awareness, show clients your expertise, and share your narrative.

Videos of this nature have aided in the growth of Dropbox and Venmo from obscure startups to household names. Preparation is necessary for a good animated explainer video, though.

By starting with the relevant questions, you may avoid making expensive errors and produce a video that advances your marketing objectives. The ones listed below will help you start thinking intelligently.

What Is the Goal of Your Video?

An animated explainer film may be created to inform viewers, enhance your SEO, promote conversions, or increase engagement. Even if you could want your movie to accomplish more than one of these things, it’s ideal to have one major goal in mind.

Then, you can design your film to achieve that goal. It is much easier to maintain track of progress when you are aware of the metrics you’ll use to measure it.

You can formulate your video objectives based on where your consumers are in the sales funnel. 

Your script, tone, voice, and messaging, as well as the length and plot of your film, are all influenced by your purpose.

What Should the Length Be?

An animated explainer video should typically be between 15 and 120 seconds long. The data is unambiguous: after 60 seconds, attention rates begin to decline, and they reach their lowest point at about two minutes. 

If you feel that additional time is necessary, you’re generally attempting to accomplish too much in one film. Make your key selling point compelling and prioritize it. Also, making many videos is preferable if you have several points.

What Is the Character of Your Brand?

You might not be aware of how important this one is. You don’t want a soft teddy bear promoting your cutting-edge algorithms to potential clients if you own a B2B arbitrage investing firm.

There are numerous high-quality video formats available. Whatever option you decide on—motion graphics, 2D or 3D whiteboard films, or another—it conveys signals about your brand. You want the animation to reflect the personality of your brand.

Who Is Your Target Market?

Are you a B2B or B2C vendor? Think about your customers’ environments, traits, and potential brand interactions. 

You can develop characters and storylines that speak to your customer’s experience if you have a clear picture of who they are in mind.

What Is Your CTA?

After they’ve seen it, what do you want your audience to do? That is what you are trying to accomplish. Plan a path from your animated explainer video to the goal you have in mind.

Your video’s conversion rates and ROI can be increased with the correct CTA. You’ve given viewers several reasons to take action in your video, so it should make sense.

What Budget Are You Prepared to Allocate?

Understand how much of your budget you can devote to your animated video project, and make sure you have the executive team’s approval. Videos with professional explanations might range in price.

The price will differ based on the explainer video’s complexity, length, style, and the production company you choose.


The cost of making an explanation video may be high. You should continue to benefit from this movie for weeks or maybe years.

It might not be the best moment to create an explainer video if your company is about to undergo a substantial brand refresh or other organizational change. Wait until your brand standards are established. You can begin responding to the questions mentioned above in the interim. 

Once you’ve found a video production company that can assist you in creating an animated explainer video, it’s time to get to work.

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