The Important Qualities of a Memorable Training Video

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Training is an integral part of an organization’s learning curve. Whether it’s the introduction of a new procedure or product, improving cross-functional skills, or onboarding employees, an organization needs to educate and inform employees about new and upcoming changes.

Training videos need to be effective and memorable. This is why specific qualities have to be present in each video to make sure it meets its purpose. This blog post will shed light on the qualities training videos should have.

The Important Qualities of a Memorable Training Video

1 – Relatable

The video has to be relatable to the audience to keep the viewer engaged and motivated to finish the video. There is no point in watching and listening to the video if the end result is that the viewer has turned off the video or not retained any information.

2 – Engaging

Interesting and engaging videos tend to be more effective at retaining viewer attention. There is nothing worse than watching a video that doesn’t capture your attention.

3 – Explicitly Clear

The video’s information should be clearly conveyed to the viewer to encourage learning. The viewer should be able to decipher the information from the video and be able to apply it to his/her job.

4 – Concise and Organized

There is nothing worse than an unorganized and unpolished video. This is important so the viewer can understand the information being presented.

5 – Engaging and Fun

A funny and/or entertaining video is always preferred over a dry and boring one. Entertaining videos are more likely to catch the viewers’ attention.

6 – Accentuates Problem and Solution

An effective training video should be able to emphasize the problems and provide solutions to them. The solution should be presented in a clear and concise manner.

7 – Proof

The solution should provide proof to the viewer that the solution works. The proof should work as a demonstration and provide evidence to the viewer to confirm its credibility.

8 – Persuasive

The video should be able to persuade the viewer to follow the solution. The video should focus on why the solution works and why the viewer should adopt it.

9 – Informative

The video should inform the viewer of the next steps, tips, and advice to solve the problem. It should provide continuity in the information presented to the viewer.

10 – Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the most important qualities of a video is its aesthetic appeal. The video should look appealing and visually pleasant to the viewer.

Bonus Tip: Training Videos Should Be Authentic

The content of the video should be authentic and not fabricated. The viewer should be able to trust the video and what it is presenting to the viewer.


Training videos should follow these qualities to help viewers learn and retain the information being presented. The content of the video should be delivered in a clear, organized, and engaging manner. The video should also be able to persuade the viewer to follow the proposed solution. In a nutshell, the video should be able to leave a lasting impression on the viewers’ minds.

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