Optimization Tips for YouTube | A Guide to Ranking on Google

Optimization Tips for YouTube

To say that a video is going to be viral on YouTube is an overly positive sentiment of many. But with the number of content uploaded every minute, which is about 100 hours, others are beginning to think that there is a very tiny chance of getting noticed. While it is quite difficult to get a high number of views in a short time, it is also not impossible. We have seen it happen. Some say that it all depends on how lucky you are because no one knows the formula to making a viral video. That may be true, but it also helps a lot to know a few optimization tips for youtube to give your video a boost.


A creative and great content is a major factor in optimizing your video successfully. In fact, it is so vital that it is deemed impossible to generate good views without it. Of course you can’t expect to drive traffic to your channel if your video’s content is not worth sharing either. So, because your main goal is to get a significant amount of views then what you should offer is something that’s either informative or entertaining, engaging, and likely to be shared. Traffic will come from different sources and not from YouTube alone, but there is a good analytics tool that allows tracking of those sources. If the content of your video is really outstanding, there is a great chance that other websites will share it.



These two contribute a lot to making your video discoverable. Because YouTube has no means of understanding the exact content of your video, it relies on the text that you associate with it. That is why it is important that you include brand keywords when you tag, and also, keep yourself from doing irrelevant tagging. Google Trends is an excellent tool that you can use to identify relevant non-brand keywords.


Writing and uploading closed-caption files for your video can also help your optimization strategy. Transcribed videos get higher ranks because of the access to information in various formats that they allow.


A strong call to action is something that should really be found in your video description box and within YouTube annotations. These annotations can help improve not only viewership, but also engagement. However, care should be taken when using annotations because when use them incorrectly they can be really distracting. Make sure that they are found in an unobtrusive part of the video.

It is really a difficult, if not altogether impossible to gauge if your videos will go viral or at least generate a substantial number of views. But if you follow these optimization tips for youtube, then you are definitely going to have greater chances!

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