New Epic Video: VSculpt

New Epic Video VSculpt

Meet Colette, — a beauty device entrepreneur.

Ecstatic to learn she was pregnant, she sought the advice of her family and friends.
They thought “this first-time mom-to-be should know how pregnancy and delivery change your body, — especially “down there.”

Women can experience:
-Pelvic floor muscle weakening—causing poor bladder control and vaginal laxity,
-Nerve damage—causing loss of vaginal sensation, decreased natural lubrication and tissue dryness.

These problems can lead to embarrassing incontinence and painful friction during sex, — both of which can result in overall self-confidence issues, and decreased sexual satisfaction for both the woman and her partner.

But these issues aren’t just for pregnant women. — Over 50% of all women who are aging and going through menopause are impacted. — that’s more than 30 million women in the US alone!

Women have tried:
-Vaginal surgery—but it’s costly and painful;
-Medications—but they can have significant side effects; and Kegel exercises—but they’re generally ineffective.

That got Colette thinking…I’ve develop beauty devices to tone, tighten, and rejuvenate the face… why can’t we do the same for a woman’s pelvic floor area?

So, she sought out a team of doctors and specialists to create a revolutionary new product to help women with their pelvic floor health as they move through life changes from pregnancy, to menopause.

Introducing vSculpt—the world’s first at-home medical device for pelvic floor toning and vaginal rejuvenation.

By harnessing the properties of powerful therapeutic LEDs in the red and infrared spectrums, vSculpt perfectly combines light energy with gentle heat and vibration to increase blood circulation and collagen & elastin production in cells.

Women may experience:
-A stronger pelvic floor and more voluntary muscle control
-improved bladder control
-increased vaginal sensation and tightness
-more natural lubrication And an overall improvement in sexual health and wellness

This was validated in an independent, third-party study showing: 95% of women experienced stronger pelvic floor muscles
–90% had less bladder leakage
–95% saw improved vaginal tightness, and
–100% of women felt a stronger emotional closeness to their partner as a result of using vSculpt.

Similar to red light therapy skincare devices that help women look younger— this revolutionary light therapy system will help women achieve a more toned, tightened, and rejuvenated pelvic floor area—boosting sexual confidence and ultimately enhancing partner intimacy.

vSculpt — for a Healthier, — More Confident You.