New Epic Video: Tower Bank

This is Digno.

Like millions of people, Digno hates going to the bank.

He hates the lines.

He hates the paperwork.

And he hates that banks selectively charge for little things, like ATM withdrawals and bouncing checks.

In Digno’s opinion, banks are complicated!

One day, Digno decided to try a different bank and went to Towerbank to find out about a car loan.

What Digno saw made him think he was dreaming.

There were no lines and customers were banking in the VideoBanking system, having the best of both worlds: Technology and friendly personal assistance.

Other customers were smiling, sipping coffee, surfing the internet and doing e-banking on iPads while they relaxed at the MoneyBar. Even a BankTender was helping them out with their transactions.

Digno couldn