New Epic Video: Roster Point

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Caleb is a good hockey player. He practices hard and is getting stronger everyday. He is now ready to jump to the next level of hockey. His coach knows he is ready to move the next level. His parents support him and want to give him the best opportunity to reach his hockey goals.

So how does Caleb find the right team to play for? Are there hockey teams looking for a player just like him?

This is where Roster Point comes in. Our online recruiting service matches excellent hockey players with excellent teams.

This roster is missing a player. This is the position that Caleb excels at and he would be a great fit for this team.

By signing up for Roster Point, Caleb could find this team quickly and easily.

Caleb and his parents go to “Roster Point dot com”. They choose the level that suits their needs – bronze, silver or gold.

They fill out the questionnaire and in just a few seconds Caleb’s information is validated and his profile is active on Roster Point. They can now search for the right team for Caleb.

When they find a team, they can easily communicate with that team.

They can set up a tryout or practice for Caleb and he makes the team!

Caleb now has a shot of scoring all his hockey goals!

Hockey teams from minor hockey to major junior use Roster Point to find players.

They have the ability to add an unlimited number of player requests with specific skills to Roster Point.

Roster Point is hockey recruiting made easier. Less costs, less time, better results!

Today Caleb is playing for a winning team. All thanks to Roster Point.

To sign up or register your team, Go to “Roster Point dot com” and “Find your team and find your player” now.