New Epic Video: Rent Painters

New Epic Video Rent Painters

Is it time to paint your house…again?

We know what you’re thinking  “What a hassle!”

First you have to call a bunch of contactors and try and decide which ones will hopefully  deliver a quality paint job.

Then you have to figure out if the quote that they’re giving is fair, if they’re overcharging you, or if they’re ‘lowballing’ you just to get your business.

Once you decide you’re of course stuck with whoever they decide to send to your house to do the actual job.

It might be Michelangelo…

Or it might be Mike Angelo, the guy who only has 3 weeks of experience.

So if the thought of finding a painter is making you want to crawl under the covers and hide…

Call Rent Painters and Rent your own professional painting crew!

Rent Painters is the only painting company in the entire Washington, DC metro area that lets you rent a painter, or an entire painting crew, for the day.

The prices for 1, 2, 3 or 4 professional painters are set in stone, so there’s never a chance that you’ll get overcharged.

Rent Painters charges a flat rate with no salespeople to deal with, no contractors and absolutely no hassle!

We also use the best tools available for the very best results…

And we bring all of it with us, all you need to do is supply the paint.

Our professional, experienced painters can do everything you need from exterior to interior, touch up, drywall repair, wallpaper removal and much more.

Just go on our website, Select how many Painters you need to Rent and Pay online. That’s it.

Don’t know how many painters you actually need?  No problem!

Simply schedule a free consultation on our website and one of our experts will point you in the right direction.

You will find useful links on our website like: a paint calculator, how to choose paint colors, and what our insurance and warranty covers.

These are some of the best professional painters in the entire DC area, with years of experience.

We also pride ourselves on professional quality work as well as superior customer service.

You can see many glowing customer testimonials about us on Angie’s List too.

So if the thought of having to get the house painted is making you dizzy…

Don’t stress. Call the best.

Rent Painters

Rent Painters – Rent a Painter for a Day