New Epic Video: MixMine

New Epic Video Mixmine

Hey DJ’s and mix masters….we know what you want. You want to get your next hot remix on the radio.

Want to be a super star? live large? be in charge? … dude…. here’s where it starts.

Imagine a place where talented Dj’s connect with legendary composers. A place where the power of music in the hands of the artist.

Welcome to MixMine. Your fast track to success in the music industry.

let’s face it, if a DJ wanted to remix hits songs from legendary artists like George Clinton, DMX, and Bone Thugs & Harmony, it would literally cost tens of thousands of dollars … but at MixMine we partner with the artist to do things differently.

MixMine makes these collaborations happen in a simple, easy-to-use, web-based platform that legally provides original stem tracks from past hit songs, plus a digital rights management platform for you, the artist to commercialize your music and get paid monthly on your MixMine Card.

As if a music focused community that brings fresh talent and established artists together in one space wasn’t enough, MixMine also functions as a social networking platform that connects artists with fans around the globe using built-in features that allow you to share music, showcase talent and grow your fan base.

Ready to up your game? MixMine also hosts remix contests, where DJ’s can spin their way their way toward rockstar status by remixing stem tracks from original hit songs.

Winners — chosen by fans and our esteemed panel of mentors —are crowned the ultimate MixMine DJ with Cash, Prizes and the opportunity to jam with some of the hottest names in music today.

Pretty sweet right? So now that you know? There’s only one thing left to do: Get involved.

Whether you’re a talented artist who’s ready to show off your mad skills, or a fan ready to rally behind the next remix rockstar, go to MixMine today and sign up. It’s free.

MixMine. Customize. Socialize. Monetize.