New Epic Video: Meridian Credit Union Phishing

New Epic Video Meridian: Phishing

Did you know that every day there are over 13 million phishing attacks?

An afternoon at the lake fishing is a great.

But online, phishing, also known as a fake email, lets crooks steal your personal info, and your money…

And that’s no day at the lake.

They also use smishing, which happens when a text message is sent to your smartphone.

Both phishing and smishing use false messages to trick people into giving their personal information;

Like social insurance numbers…


Credit card and financial account numbers…

The fake email and text messages that scam artists send look very official.

They even have the Meridian logo and company branding

These messages claim to be from a senior person such as a V.P. and usually say an urgent response is necessary …

That if you don’t respond immediately…

Something bad will happen, like your service will be shut off or your credit card will be deactivated.

Some use the lure of prize money to get your private data too!

Once you give it to them, they have everything they need to…

Steal your identity…

Use your credit card to make purchases…

And even take out loans in your name.

All of which can ruin your credit completely.

Here’s one very important fact that you need to know;

Meridian will never send you a message asking for passwords or other private information.

If you get a message that smells phishy, don’t click on any links or give out any information.

Email and text messages are a great way to communicate, and not all are phishing attacks

Here at Meridian, we just want you to be careful and, if you receive an email or text message and think that it’s a phishing or smishing scam, let us know right away by calling our Contact Centre or contacting your local branch.

Now go enjoy some time with your family

And know that at Meridian– We always have your back.