New Epic Video: KMCU Community College Program

New Epic Video KMCU

At KMC University, we know that doctors and their teams are what make practices strong.

But if you’re like many of our clients and customers, you’re spending more time dealing with paperwork

and not enough time caring for patients the way you’d really like to.

You need to stay on top of all the changes coming at you in chiropractic.

But you’re confused and frustrated, because nobody seems to have easy, understandable answers.

That’s why we offer the KMC University Community College Program.

Membership in the Community College Program offers a one-of-a-kind 24/7 Helpdesk, with experts at the ready to answer your reimbursement and compliance questions.

In addition, you enjoy free access to our Live Monthly Webinars for you and your entire team.  Just log in to access this wealth of on-demand information anywhere, anytime. What a great way to build a reimbursement and compliance training library for your practice!

And, as a member you’ll also get Exclusive Discounts on almost all of KMC University’s products and services and many other benefits.

Listen, here’s the real deal.

You need accurate, up-to-date information on key issues like coding, Medicare, collections and billing, and documentation and we have over 200 combined years of Chiropractic expertise to give you that info, quickly and accurately.

With your Community College membership, you get an affordable, inclusive solution that solves your Reimbursement and Compliance issues quickly, without the long-term commitments required elsewhere.

Join fellow doctors and come under the care and protection of KMC University; let us help you thrive.