New Epic Video: High Point Networks – Unified Communications Solution

New Epic Video High Point Networks

Communication is the key to success for any business.

At High Point Networks we realize this fact of business life.

If you’re not satisfied with your current communications platform…

And you’re looking for a better, simpler and highly dependable solution…

We’ve got some great news.

High Point Networks uses ShoreTel’s IP Phone System to build your Unified Communications Platform.

The reason?  It’s a Phone System designed for the way we work Today.

First and foremost, it’s adaptable to your needs and extremely flexible.

It grows as you grow, with modular scalability to meet your future needs head on.

The ShoreTel solution incorporates total communication abilities while at the same time providing a distinct system image.

It also gives you complete call control to create a single, transparent and easily managed solution.

At High Point Networks we also realize that you need a truly dependable communications system.

With ShoreTel we provide Five Nines of uptime and enterprise class performance.

A single ShoreTel system can also serve multiple locations…

While at the same time providing stand-alone capability in case of network or hardware failure.

Most importantly, the ShoreTel platform provides true ease of use.

It dramatically reduces training hours as well as maintenance and configuration.

This lowers your operating costs significantly…

And lets your people concentrate on taking care of business.

In short, it’s a brilliantly, simple phone solution.

Contact us today and see how High Point Networks can help you