New Epic Video: Gazunti

New Epic Video Gazunti

The world is becoming a more complex place and the way we interact with information is no different.

We have too much data to access, from a large number of applications, spread across multiple devices. And when we need to access information, moving across this landscape is just too time consuming and confusing.

Artificial Intelligence and the use of natural language processing, has the potential to fundamentally change our lives by transforming the way we access data and interact with information.

Gazunti envisions an AI enabled world that is not controlled by the major technology companies, but is free and interconnected where users, developers and enterprises have the power of AI in their hands.

That’s why we made the Gazunti Platform easy to integrate into existing development projects. By deploying the Gazunti SDK, non specialist developers can now build sophisticated AI solutions as part of their business and consumer applications.

And Gazunti’s solution is not restricted by the type of data. It can be used to search any structured or unstructured data sets, anytime, when ever you need to find the right answers, fast.

Unlike other platforms, Gazunti works in both online and offline environments. This opens up opportunities to search massive data sets within secure environments to enable instant decisions based on millions of individual data points.

And just like human conversation, Gazunti applies contextual learning to the search process resulting in more efficient and more accurate answer discovery.

Gazunti’s open source model ensures developers can integrate AI technology without being an AI expert, while sharing this innovation across an active developer community – solving problems previously thought unsolvable!

For large enterprise dealing with massive amounts of big data, Gazunti allows this data to be accessed efficiently and delivers fast accurate answers. For the user, Gazunti allows you to access information no matter where its sourced. It can even sit across your existing voice AI apps to provide total user control from a single interface

Our vision is to build an AI connected world where hundreds of thousands of developers are creating brilliant AI solutions. We saw this world a long time ago. Join us in making it a reality.