New Epic Video: ChiroHealthUSA

New Epic Video ChiroHealth USA

As a Chiropractor there’s one thing that you want above all else;

For everyone to have access to the life-changing benefits of chiropractic care.

No matter what stage of life or what their financial status might be…

Most Chiropractors bend over backwards to make their care affordable to all.

In the world we live in today however, this compassion can, unfortunately, cause the doctor serious problems, if they’re not careful.

When you give a discount to any patient, no matter what their financial status, you may be putting your practice, your license and livelihood at risk.

Things like dual fee schedules, false claims, inducement violations and time of service discounts can all get you into some serious legal and financial trouble.

And, no offense, the old excuse about ‘everybody’s doing it’ simply isn’t good enough anymore.

It’s like speeding and hoping you don’t get caught.

To protect yourself, and help your patients, you need help…

The kind of help you’ll get…from ChiroHealth USA.

When you’re a ChiroHealth USA provider your discounts will be easy to follow but, more importantly, completely legal and compliant.

ChiroHealth USA helps ease a patient’s transition from insurance to cash.

Better yet, the entire family is covered with ChiroHealth USA, so getting everyone under care is much easier.

And with ChiroHealth USA there are no membership or credentialing fees and YOU get to set your own level of discounts. You can even have a “capped fee” for your new patients and routine office visits” .

Lastly, a portion of a membership sold goes back to State Associations, the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

Doctors, the fact is that chiropractors are giving, loving and caring…

But also business owners who have to protect themselves and their livelihood.

With ChiroHealth USA you can finally do both, and rest easy knowing that…

If an auditor or investigator comes to call…

You’re in total compliance and everything is going to be just fine.

Contact ChiroHealth USA today to find out more and become a member.