New Epic Video: Camopulse

New Epic Video Camopulse

Is connecting with friends on social media getting a little soulless and gray? You log on to your fave site hoping you’ll get closer to people and make new connections… But instead you feel like it’s all just meaningless drizzle? Useless updates that tell you nothing… Chatting that feels like it’s going nowhere… And an experience that just leaves you cold and lonely? Well maybe it’s time for an upgrade baby! it’s 2014 after all! CamoPulse is the new-style social app that dares to revolutionize the way you interact with your friends. It’s a genuine friendship with your best buds or gal pals. It’s about being yourself. When you log-on, the ultrasensitive interface shows the mood of your mates. You choose who gets to see your posts and messages… Customize newsfeeds from your besties… Send amazing gifts to cheer your friends up… And enjoy fancy photo accessories to make your avatars sweet as never before. Have a personal problem? CamoPulse Family lets you ask for help anonymously… Or help out people who need your experience and advice. You can even battle with your friends or get discounts at the best online stores… So if aging social media sites leave you feeling left out in the cold… Surf over to CamoPulse and level up your online connections to colorful and sincere friendship!