How Much Should You Hone Your Message in a Corporate Video Production?

How Much Should You Hone Your Message in a Corporate Video Production

Are you soon planning a corporate video production that intends to convey your corporate message for the first time? The issue of running time in a promotional video is always a challenge, and it takes true video production experts to learn how to consolidate everything into a shortened video experience. If you’ve resisted the notion that a corporate video has to be short, you’re not considering the reality of how short videos need to be today to make the most impact.

Just how short your video has to be, though, might be relative. Much of it depends on how good the content is. And in order to fit into that shorter frame of mind, you have to learn how to hone your message down so you don’t go on too long. It’s something we can help you with here at Epic Video Factory.

How Do You Hone Your Corporate Message in a Video?

The best way to hone your message is to think of it in terms of a motto. Can you think of one sentence that encompasses everything your company stands for and means? If you can’t, you’re probably over-complicating things and may not have any focus on what your company message really is.

Once you have that consolidated message, you can apply it to your script in your corporate video. Of course, you want it to sound conversational, though you might be able to do that easier by doing one simple technique you see frequently in similar videos.

Asking a Question About a Problem

One way to hook people into watching a video is to state a question about a problem everyone can relate to. By stating this in the first sentence of your video, you can capture viewers immediately in learning about how your product can solve the stated problem. But then you have to clearly show how it solves that problem without going on too long. This can be done through quick customer testimonials, sound bites, or even fictional scenes with actors.

By showing how the problem can be solved within a few minutes, you’ve just done the impossible and honed your entire company message in a video. By providing a combination of testimonials, a little behind the scenes of your company, and a finely tuned narration, you can convey everything about who you are and what your goals are without wasting anyone’s time.

Let us help you achieve this successfully here at Epic Video Factory. With our expert team, we guarantee you’ll have a corporate video that’s finely tuned and shaped so your entire message comes across compellingly without looking rushed.

Contact us and we’ll work closely with you on the entire production from the script phrase on through to final editing. And when you want to be more creative, we can add effective animation to your video as a perfect way to entertain your demographic.