4 Main Mistakes With Business Videos for Social Media

Business Videos

Posting business videos on social media may be a fun and efficient method to promote your company. Creating an educational, interesting, and appealing video is not as simple as you assume. This is a time-consuming, resource-intensive task.

Most businesses currently place too much emphasis on creating a funnel and obtaining their website viewers. This is understandable since it does help boost sales, and it will also help you gain a greater insight into the world of video marketing. 

It is an excellent idea to plan ahead and work with video services that can produce good content. If you work to publish your own business videos for social media, keep these four points in mind to avoid mistakes:

1) Putting the Wrong Link

Many click through to either signup for an email list or buy a product. Granted, unless your audience is ready to buy, you should focus on creating a video that will make them more interested in your brand before you drive them to buy something. Link out quality videos to a signup landing page for an email list or to your company’s product or service page.

2) Missing Video Captions

You want to focus on sharing valuable information about your product and making that information as accessible as possible, not simply publishing content for the sake of selling. Another advantage of adding captions to your video is to give hearing-impaired viewers the ability to hear your video. Don’t make the mistake of not including them.

3) Forgetting to Check Data Insights

Social media is a powerful tool that gives you access to a lot of data regarding your audience. It can be a mistake to ignore them, so use data insights to look at what other videos are popular on your page. You can also use video view duration to check the length of your videos. It is an awesome source of information and essential when developing strategies for video posting.

4) Creating Lackluster Videos

Having a video that is polished, interesting and well-made will help a lot in making sure people will not only watch your videos but will also be eager to share them with their friends and family. There are various ways to execute your creativity, but one of the ways to do so is to create a video that particularly highlights and explains a specific product or service of your business.

5) Going in Without a Plan

Never forget to have the strategy in the first place, then write the plan, and the last action is to execute it. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect video, so remember to always keep learning, making improvements, and posting more videos. The more videos you post, the better your audience will know you, your company, your products and services.


Now that you know how to get better at making social media videos for your business, you have the necessary knowledge to put it into practice. Get the hang of things by producing a few videos and posting them on social media platforms. 

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