Making Video Work for Retail

Making Video Work for Retail

When it comes to selling products the internet has been transformative. Purchases can be made any time and shipped nearly anywhere – which has created a heretofore unheard of convenience while shopping. Of course, not all products are so easily purchased sight unseen. For expensive or innovative products a little more due diligence needs to be made before someone might be willing to click that checkout button. That’s where video comes in.

Product Information Anytime and Anywhere

While a long text review can certainly provide insight there are things only a video can relay successfully. How does it feel? How does it move? Does it look like it was built with quality or cheap components? These are answers a video can give instantly. Additionally, video can be accessed any time and from the comfort of the couch – allowing window shopping with demonstration at the shopper’s leisure. If produced properly a video can act as information, sales tool, and brand expander in one – pushing not only the product but the retailer as well.

An Equal Playing Field

While a huge retailer might have an advantage in traditional ad buys, floor space, and brand awareness, on the internet all videos are equal. Having a huge footprint in the industry is no guarantee of getting views. A funny, informative, and otherwise worthwhile video from even a small web or brick and mortar retailer could not only get more traction than one from a large competitor but could act as a factor in bringing in new business. A solid web media strategy gives the upstart space to prove their worth.

Not Just for the Web

One of the great benefits of web videos for retail use is being able to repurpose the full video or footage into something useable in a physical environment. Being able to play instructional or brand expanding videos in-store creates an atmosphere where shoppers might be intrigued by what’s on the screen and purchase a product they might otherwise have not been interested in.

Video can be a powerful component for any retailer’s business strategy whether online or in-store. You can leverage that power to your advantage with an experienced video creation company. Contact Epic Video Factory today to begin creating the custom videos you need to expand your business.