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Explainer Video Production In Charlotte, North Carolina

Animated Video Production in Charlotte North Carolina

Businesses looking for animated video production in Charlotte, North Carolina that builds brands and bumps sales need our services. Our team of animated video production experts craft professional video messages for businesses across the globe.

Here at Epic Video Factory, we create videos that get you exposure and clicks. Our products help to build a steady flow of sales for your business.

Here’s how we do it.

Planning is important. It’s the first step that we use in producing a video that is convincing, appealing and well-crafted. We begin our professional procedure by gathering information through a comprehensive process of discovery. A questionnaire and some phone calls help us to gather the information we need to understand the video you envision.

Storyboarding Process

There’s a scripting and storyboarding process next. These go through several short revisions and tweaks along the way . Illustrations and professional voiceovers are added. These are all parts of the animated video production Charlotte North Carolina method we use.

Epic Video Factory has told hundreds of stories worldwide. Why not get a free quote today and add yours to that ever-expanding list?

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"The team at Epic Video was very professional and prompt with their service. We changed our minds a few times and they were very accommodating. The end product was extremely well produced. Thank you very much!"
Media Suite

Explainer Video Production in Charlotte, North Carolina

Epic Video Factory creates a variety of different videos to help you grow as a business. The explainer video production in Charlotte North Carolina polishes up these videos to explain your services quickly and efficiently.

It’s important that any video boosts your brand awareness. Explainer videos add personality to your goods and services. They tell visitors that you are reputable and that you sell outstanding products. They also highlight customer service as a critical part of what you offer.

What To Expect

Whether you choose an explainer video or another type, our video production team goes to work on your product. Once this part of the process is finished, the video gets uploaded. You can easily make suggestions and comments before you sign off.

Videos are delivered within 10 to 14 days. There are usually only minor adjustments if any at this stage. Epic Video Factory is proud to offer unlimited revisions until our clients are completely satisfied.

We have told hundreds of different business stories. Please fill out the contact form on our website. We would love to add your name to our list of explainer video production in Charlotte North Carolina clients. Please phone or email us today.

Explainer Video Production Hamilton, Ontario That Starts with A Free Quote