How It Works

We have told hundreds of stories, let us tell yours.

one1 How It Works


Your video begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery. Through phone calls and a questionnaire we gather all the information we need to develop the script.

two2 How It Works


We then use the information from the creative brief questionnaire and any other docu-mentation your provide us to write the first draft of the script.

Delivery: We deliver the first draft of the script to you within 7 days.

What to expect? On average the script goes through 2 revisions before it is perfect. We will deliver any required revisions within 2 business days.

three3 How It Works


A sketch board is a written and visual outline of your video. The style and sketch board process helps us make sure the visual style and progression of the video match up with your expectations. It also helps minimize revisions once the video is complete.

Delivery: We will deliver the sketch board within 7 days of the script approval

What to expect? On average the sketch board goes through 3 revisions before it is perfect. Depending on the extent of the revisions we usually deliver revisions within 2 days.

four4 How It Works


After the sketch board is approved we fully illustrate the sketch board by adding colour.

Delivery: We will deliver the illustrated storyboard within 7 – 10 days of the sketch board approval.

What to expect? On average the illustrated storyboard goes through 1-2 revisions. Depending on the extent of the revisions we usually deliver revisions within 2 days.

five5 How It Works


You pick the voice that fits your brand and we upload the audio file for you so you can request changes as needed. We work regularly with about 12 voiceover artists. We send you to a page where you can here a sample of each of the different artists to choose from. If for some reason you don’t like any of the artists on the page simply describe what you are looking for and we will find the right voice.

Delivery: We deliver the voiceover on or before delivery of the illustrated storyboard.

What to expect? There are usually 0 – 1 revisions at this stage. Occasionally a client will not like a VO they have chosen and a second artist will be selected, there is no extra charge for this.

six6 How It Works

Video Production

Once the voiceover and storyboard are complete and approved, we go straight to work on your video. When it’s ready, we’ll upload it so you can easily provide comments and suggestions. Once you sign off on the final video it’s yours to download and use wherever you want!

Delivery: We deliver the video within 10 – 14 days of the voiceover and storyboard being approved.

What to expect? At this point there are usually only minor tweaks that need to be done to the video. Depending on the tweaks, if any, we will inform you how long a revision will take.


We offer unlimited revisions, until you are fully satisfied, in each stage of the project. For example, in the scripting stage you can keep revising until you are 100% satisfied, before moving on to the storyboard stage. But there is an extra charge to make
revisions in previous stages. For example, if you want to change the script after the voiceover stage is completed, you will be charged extra to revise the script and consequently the storyboard. The cost would depend on the extent of the revision.