How to Get More Clicks from Your Videos

Creating a video to help promote your business is easy. Getting good viewership is a whole other thing. There are a lot of brands out there whose videos are actually amazing, yet they go unnoticed. This is because they lack effective techniques that can attract viewers and make them click.

If you are considering using a video to promote your brand too, then it is important that you learn the techniques we listed here:

  • Have a tagline close to the play button or just below the video window. This will motivate viewers to click the URL website name. Directing people to your chosen webpage subtly can help get you more traffic.
  • Use the storytelling technique in a relatable way. This means that you should think of certain situations that your target market could possibly be going through. You might need to do market research for this. But this will pay off, because when people see a scenario that are quite similar to what they’re experiencing (with a great solution at the end) they tend to share it.
  • Everybody loves products that are divergent, so to speak. If yours have multiple uses, even if it’s not in a conventional way and a little funny, show them in the videos. You can take advantage of this too by providing further information about the many uses of your product in your web page, then making those links available to viewers when they watch the video.
  • With sufficient knowledge about your market, you should be able to tell what kind of video will be most appropriate for your brand. Should you go for motion graphics, animated, or perhaps an explainer video?
  • A little humour, when used appropriately and done with perfect timing, could do wonders to the number of clicks you get. There is just something about a good laugh that makes people perceive products and services in a positive way.
  • You can make your video appear more interactive with the use of animated cursors. You could also take advantage of these cursors and use them to direct viewers to your landing page. It also doesn’t hurt that videos with animated cursors look amazing.

It is very easy to just jump into the bandwagon and create a video ASAP. But like in all marketing undertakings, you should not act in haste. If you really want a video that can convey your brand message on point, then think about everything thoroughly. Follow these techniques. Better yet, let us implement these techniques for you in your video so you can stop worrying about it and just be excited to see it!