Explainer Videos: 5 Benefits They Bring to Your Business

Explainer Video

One of the most disappointing things about researching a company is not figuring out what they do or what they offer from their site. It’s a guaranteed method to turn off potential leads. This is why you need to integrate explainer videos into your website and other digital platforms to help your business stand out.

Digital marketing experts agree that internet users prefer video content. It is the most engaging digital format, attracting, engaging, and retaining your target audience into hearing your brand messaging.

It’sIt’s one of the top tools you can include in your marketing campaigns to help boost your marketing strategy.

The video format can tоtаllу change the way businesses connect with their customers and hоw tо stay in touch with the trends. Moreover, it can help you develop trust among customers and increase your qualified leads.

Let’sLet’s dive into the five benefits of explainer videos to your business and how best to utilize them in their marketing strategy:

1. Enables Clear Brand Messaging

A well-made explainer video can help your business deliver a clear message about your brand and its benefits. All of this can be done entertainingly, visually engaging, and concisely. It helps your audience better relate to your brand and understand what your business offers.

Moreover, a high-quality explainer video can help you develop a more personal connection with your audience and help you convey essential information about your business in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

2. Personalized Brand Interaction for Your Users

Explainer videos can stir positive user attitudes or perceptions around your brand. It can create a good first impression with your first-time leads or continue to nurture your current brand awareness. More importantly, it can also help rebuild your reputation with previous customers.

It’sIt’s similar to when you meet someone face-to-face and walk away with a new perspective of them. Videos have the power to do the same for your brand.

Explainer videos help you do this entertainingly and engagingly. It offers a personal and transparent view of your brand, its operations, and the people behind the brand name.

3. Provides Opportunities to Reach an International Audience

Videos have a universal appeal and thus can appeal to a broader target market from different demographics. If your explainer videos are high-quality and compelling, the potential to rank on search engines or even go viral is significant.

Since videos are highly-engaging and shareable, startups and SMEs need to maximize the full potential of explainer videos as a catalyst for world-standard business models. It levels the playing field for them to compete with bigger brands for an international audience.

It’sIt’s no wonder why more and more businesses are improving their content and marketing strategies and investing in formats such as explainer videos.

4. Increase Qualified Leads and Audience Engagement

A well-made explainer video can help you generate more qualified leads, conversions, sales and ROI. With compelling storytelling, explainer videos can turn visitors into loyal customers and, eventually, even brand ambassadors.

According to experts, 91 percent of customers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that has a video on its website. Moreover, there’s an 80 to 90 percent chance that a customer will remember a brand presentation if it includes an explainer video. 

This is why most companies say that explainer videos help them achieve positive ROI.

5. A Powerful Storytelling Method

Explainer videos are an excellent tool for storytelling. Using a visual medium to express a message is more engaging and focused than text. Strengthening your brand’s engagement also helps build trust and loyalty among your customers.

In addition, explainer videos can serve as a link between your business and customers, which can be used to gather feedback and surveys.


Nowadays, an explainer video for business can boost your business. These animated videos can be used to advertise and promote your brand and product if done correctly. 

Indeed, explainer videos are one of the most productive tools for advertising and promoting your brand. 

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