Engaging Explainer Videos for Products and Retail

We have told hundreds of stories, let us tell yours.

If you are manufacturing or selling goods, you can increase conversions and improve sales through the use of fun animated explainer videos.

Customer engagement is important if you want to present your brand and positive information about it. They can be used by companies to promote all kinds of businesses in the consumer goods and retail industries.

Pique Consumer Interest

A product or a whole line of products can gain high visibility in a memorable way through a short but detailed video.

Orient Customers about Order Process

Whether you own a walk-in store or an e-business, your ordering process may seem a little complicated to your customers. Make it easier for them by providing useful information about your check-out procedures through an easy to comprehend explainer video. Your customers will thank you for it.

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Mask Group Engaging Explainer Videos for Products and Retail
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Advertise Your Products’ Benefits

Not only will an explainer video provide information about your products. More importantly, it can promote and highlight their benefits. Use engaging graphics and tell a short narrative to help your prospects visualize how important your products are for them.

Show Your Product’s History

Customers prefer it if they know where a product came from or how it came to be. They feel more at ease when they know its history. Instead of making them read long paragraphs about your product’s story, an explainer video will be much more effective in doing this. Let your customers know your products while entertaining them at the same time!

Explain Contest Rules

Brands can get a lot of customers through contests. Get them excited about your products, and explain about the contest mechanics in an exciting way using animation. Put up your video on your social media for great exposure.

Increase Conversions

When used on landing pages, animated explainer videos can greatly improve your conversion rates. If your brand is needing sales growth, place an explainer video where prospects can view them. Be it on your website, your social media, or through an e-mail it will surely help deliver the results you want.

Benefit from an Explainer Video!

There are a number of ways brands and retailers can benefit from explainer videos. You can increase brand exposure because an entertaining video is highly shareable. One can also be used as part of your customer service by proactively addressing frequently asked questions about your brand. More importantly, you can show your position as the leading name in your industry through an engaging video.