Should You Create a Series for Your Web Video Production?

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Doing a web video production usually means having to worry about length, which is one of the biggest challenges for any company video. Whether it’s promotional or educational, going too long is always the fear, and being too short is an almost equal concern. But in an era that demands being as short as possible through Vine and Instagram Video, what should you do if you have more information than you can possibly convey in one video?

Many videos with educative information have the danger of being overly boring if not presented in the right way. This dilemma can usually be solved by using creative narrative techniques. And one of those is creating a series of videos rather than having to figure out how to cram in a lot of information in less than five or 10 minutes.

If you do a series, how should you present it so there’s some continuity between what came before and what comes after?

Turning Educational or Instructional Videos into a Series

When you have to present a lot of information to viewers to teach them something, it’s going to be nearly impossible to present everything without running well into 20 or 30 minutes. Your best bet is to divide up that information into different “chapters”, so to speak. Have a series of videos running perhaps a few minutes each presenting something specific.

Putting these together, it’s best to have a quick overview at the beginning of segment on what came before and what comes next. By doing this, it helps someone searching online for a particular task find that one lone video and put everything in context if they don’t want to watch the entire series.

Then you can try another series, as in creating a literal video series with actors that might help provide a promotional platform for your company.

Is a Real Series on Video a Good Idea for Company Promotion?

Some companies have tried the experiment of a web series with a plot line in order to provide entertainment while still utilizing promotion. Hiring a team of actors, you could create a series of short videos telling some kind of story. When you employ a little comedy, it can become very buzzworthy and perhaps go viral. Not that you should necessarily be controversial, even though a lot of people do more daring things now in videos to get attention.

It’s worth experimenting with the series form in web videos as a way to break up monotony and give viewers little pieces of a larger frame of mind. We can help bring this creative angle to you here at Epic Video Factory.

Contact us so we can show you our past work doing similar form and how we can apply it toward your video. We’ll make each segment run the perfect length so viewers will be compelled to go into binge-watching mode and take in your entire series in one sitting.