Company Need A Boost? Try Explainer Video Services

Company Need a Boost? Try Explainer Video Services

Explainer video services provide clients with short marketing videos that detail a company or product.  These days, they are usually on the home page of a company’s website.  These videos provide a short and digestible transfer of information from a company to potential clients or users.  Good explainer video services generally follow the same process and contain all the elements below:

  • Script and storyboard
  • Voiceovers
  • Production
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • Delivery
  • Performance Measurement

The fundamental questions to answer when planning an explainer video are, “What is the problem?” and “How does our service/product solve this problem?”  Most full service companies will walk you through this process.  If your explainer video is successful, you should see an impact in the data relatively quickly. 

Good explainer video services should also offer multiple types of video production options.  Some popular ones are:

  • Live – Having real people explain a product or service often creates a stronger connection between the video and those watching. 
  • Animated – most popular and offer many creative options for intangible objects.
  • Whiteboard – a type of animation that is hand-drawn on a whiteboard and generally less costly.

Explainer video service will make sure your call to action is clear and share the successes your product/service has experience such as awards, endorsements, and well-known clients.  The videos usually benefit from being simple and funny in order to quickly engage the viewer.

Fortunately, Epic Video Factory has years of experience providing these services to clients, and most of these concerns are taken off of your plate.  Contact us to learn more about our services, explore your options, and take the first step to increasing your visibility with a beautiful new explainer video.