How to Choose a Video Production Company

Explainer Video Production

With all the video production companies out there saying that they do the best work, have the best ‘game’ and are the best animation rockstars—which video production company really is the best? Also, what factors do you employ to choose a video production for you/your company? Well, our knee-jerk reaction is to say simply choose Epic Video…but, coming-back-to-reality, we know that not every job and business is suited to every video production company. So, to help you out in the process, and find a company that suits your ideals—keep these factors in mind when choosing a video production company:

Do they Actually Care About your Company?

While every video production company will say yes, they absolutely care about you and your business, the real determining factor is how much time they make for you. If it takes three days to even get a response—then you aren’t their highest priority. Also, if they don’t take your video vision and script feedback into account when producing a video then they likely have their own—and not your goals—in mind.

Are they Super Fresh?

Video production companies are like produce; they can be a dime a dozen but the freshness is what matters. Does the company have a creative, differentiating portfolio? Do they have fresh and creative ideas? Are they suggesting unique approaches to your video? Or, are they just another drop-in-the-hat company?

Do They Fit your Corporate Culture?

Your corporate culture is (hopefully) something you’re selling in your video, and you can’t properly display your corporate-culture ideals properly if the video company doesn’t embody those ideals themselves (or at least fully understand your ideals). So if they really don’t ‘get’ your corporate culture, then run—fast.

Are They Quality?

Video production companies are unique as snowflakes—but some of them focus on quality, and others on quantity. Which does your intended video production company focus on? They ways to tell are by looking for smooth animations versus crude, complimentary music versus generic music, professional-looking end results, and custom-made graphics over generic clip-art.

Can I Afford Them?

We all want the best—but The Best aren’t always within our budget. So, a major factor in your decision will, of course, be whether their work fits into your budget—or whether your budget can accommodate their price.

If you haven’t yet considered Epic Video Factory, a Toronto-based video production company—check us out. Our solid portfolio of sensational work will either convince you immediately—or not. But our excellent value and custom production quality is absolutely worth a gander.