New Epic Video: Addalock

Are you planning a trip? Is it for business or a vacation? Will you be travelling alone, or taking the family? Have you booked a Hotel or are you renting a room, a house or a cottage? No matter where you are staying you need to think about your safety...

New Epic Video: Octopot

Octopot is revolutionizing plant growing by combining soil and hydroponic methods into the ultimate hybrid grow system. In nature, plants seek out the correct environment of air, water and nutrients and adjust their morphology, physiology and phenotype to adapt accordingly, a process called plant perception. Plants thrive where the correct...

New Epic Video: Near Tutors

Linda has wanted to learn graphic design for years. Its one skill she can use to advance her career. Her son Jude is falling behind in math, and Linda worries about his future. She wants to learn new skills, and wants Jude to excel in school. But there

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