Business Video Production: A How To

Business video production isn’t a Seagal movie—it isn’t life or death. It (probably) won’t kill you (or your ‘street cred’) or your business to make a cheesy video of low video production value, but it sure will be a waste of time and a wasted opportunity. A business explainer video is your business’ opportunity to truly shine. It can increase sales, personalize your business, help in online and social media marketing efforts and help grow your business in 9 awesome other ways. But enough about why they are crazy-mad-awesome and why you need them—here’s how to make a high-value corporate video production video production that will reduce your competitors to tears, make your business look like a rockstar and make chicks dig you (OK—so that last one was a lie…probably)…

Personalize the Heck out of It

Your business’ personality is what will make a difference when it comes to attracting and retaining customers—so let it fully shine in your video. If you aren’t sure how to be the funny, quirky, clever or super-professional business that you want your business to portray then call us—it’s what we do. Our animations add just the flavour, quirk and professionality that businesses are looking for with their explainer video. Think: marvel meets The Apprentice. What we help our customers avoid is cheesy stock photography and generic office shots that scream ‘amateur’ and ‘low budget’.

Go Pro

You would be amazed how far a little, relatively-inexpensive, professional business video production and animation video services can go. Amazed, literally. Call us for a no-obligation quote and you’ll be amazed again. That’s right—we’re like animating, transition-creating magicians.

Make it Actually Useful

An explainer video of your business is great—but know what your audience wants to hear, not what you want to tell them. Ensure that your script and graphics are giving them the information they need, including the benefits of doing business with your company. If you aren’t sure what your clients and potential clients want—ask ’em. If at all possible use your video to answer some important questions, provide tips and/or to illustrate a quick how-to.

Treat your Viewer like a first Date

Look dapper, leave them wanting more, use music and professional graphics to set the tone and then visually wine-and-dine the pants off of them.

Think and Rethink your Cover Image

Did you know that people will decide if they want to watch a video or not based on your cover image alone? So pick a darned good one!

Call Me Maybe?

Whatever you do—don’t forget to use call to actions. And don’t wait until the end as people may not watch the entire video (yes—we’re THAT lazy).

Call Us Maybe?

While we’re quoting worn-out lyrics from last summer we thought we’d throw one last call to action in here. Fill out the form—we double-dog dare you. We REALLY can turn your explainer video from amateurish to pro, even on a budget.