The Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

benefits of video marketing

By 2019, digital video will drive 80 percent of all internet traffic.

This might sound unbelievable to the digital marketing layman, but the signs are already showing. Today, scrolling through our social media feeds, a video shows up quite often. The developers of these social platforms are also making design updates with video consumption in mind.

As a small business owner, the time to embrace video marketing is now. Otherwise you risk losing a lot of ground to your competitors.

Still not convinced video is the next digital marketing frontier?

Here are 5 powerful benefits of video marketing that will get you hitting that record button!

Video Drives Sales

There comes a time when a business hits a growth plateau. Regardless of what you tweak – from improving product or service quality to deploying a different marketing strategy — nothing seems to give.

If your small business is in this situation, or if you just launched and looking to triple your sales, video can help.

How so? A video on a landing page can increase your conversion rate by an astounding 80 percent!

You see, about 65 percent of humans are visual learners. Our brains process video 60,000 times faster than text. By using video on your landing page, you’ll be able to easily capture the attention of visitors and hook them in.

Video Is Good for SEO

Yeah, good old SEO!

To achieve online success as a small business, you need the help of search engines, particularly Google. If your business website doesn’t make it to the first page of Google, it’s highly unlikely people looking for your products will find your site. This is why an increasing number of small business owners like you are investing in SEO.

And now, with digital video, you have an excellent opportunity to pump more thrust into your SEO strategy.

Here is how it works:

Search engines already know internet users want more video content. So they have tweaked their algorithms to detect pages with video and push them higher up in search rankings. With well-optimized, high-quality videos on your sites, expect your SEO ranking to improve.

In addition, YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform, is owned by Google. Though the search engine doesn’t publicly say its ranking algorithm favors pages with videos hosted on YouTube, there is evidence it does give preference to web pages with YouTube video.

Good Return on Investment

This is one of the benefits of video marketing that appeals the most to small business owners.

You are certainly operating on a shoestring budget, so every dollar you invest must provide a good return, otherwise you’ll be out of business.

If you’ve been on the fence about video marketing because you aren’t sure whether it’s worth the investment, jump over. Over 80 percent of businesses that have invested in video marketing say video provides good ROI.

That’s not all.

The best news is you don’t have to invest in an in-house video production team. You can outsource the task to a specialist video production and marketing agency at an affordable cost.

Once the videos go live on your site and other digital marketing platforms, it won’t be long before you see a spike in sales.

Mobile Users Love Video

Quick question: Would you rather watch a video on desktop or mobile device?

If you are like most of us, you love watching videos on the go. Desktops are for sending emails at work and doing other boring stuff.

To ensure your business appeals to mobile users — who also make up the vast majority of your target audience – you have to invest in video marketing. With more eyeballs on your videos, you have a greater chance of converting them to paying customers.

Video Grows Social Engagement

In a word where over 2 billion people spend some of the time on Facebook every month, and millions on Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social networking platforms, growing a social media presence for your brand is a must.

Open an account on these platforms, make a post or two every day and wait for followers to roll over. Looks easy, right?

Unfortunately, building a solid social media presence is easier said than done. It needs social marketing know-how, patience and, importantly, video!

By now you know the love affair internet users have with video. When you upload engaging and high quality videos on your social pages, the few followers you might have will share them with their followers. Gradually, your following will increase and with that comes greater social engagement.

Good for Brand Development

Branding is yet another way to enjoy the benefits of video marketing.

As an entrepreneur, one of your goals is to grow your small business into a brand your customers can easily identify with.

If your business offers tech solutions, perhaps you want to build it into a “cool brand” your millennial customers will love. If you’re a private investigation company, you probably want to build a brand with a professional, almost no-nonsense feel.

Whatever brand you want to build, videos can help you achieve it.

For instance, if you’re all about building a cool brand, creating short animated product videos will fuel the cool factor among your consumers. For a professional, no-nonsense brand, video presentation and expert interview can help reveal this personality.

Tap into These Benefits of Video Marketing

The numbers don’t lie. Video consumption is on the rise and as such, video marketing is the way to go.

Looking to tap into the benefits of video marketing we have fleshed out in this article? You must take action.

At Epic Video Factory, we’re all about helping businesses tell their stories through video. Whether your goal is to build a brand, increase sales or keep your customers entertained, we have the capacity to create videos that will do just that.

Contact us and let’s get shooting!

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