How Animated Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business

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We live in a fast-paced world and it seems even more challenging for brands to deliver information to their audiences. The good news is, there are ways to hold the attention of your audience and impart important information, too. Explainer videos give you the power to deliver your message in a short time to your audience without losing their attention and interest.

Animated explainer videos are an excellent way of introducing audiences to your brand, getting the public’s attention, and highlighting new products and services. You should consider using a high-quality explainer video if you’re a product marketer looking for an effective way to help your audience understand your product or service’s benefits.

To understand the best way to use animated explainer videos for businesses, you need to know what they are and how they’ll benefit your business:

What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

An animated explainer video is a short, fun, and informative video that helps a viewer learn more about a product or service. Explainer videos are typically one to two minutes long. There are a variety of ways to use explainer videos in marketing. Some brands use them to launch a new product, while others use explainer videos to highlight product changes or updates to an existing product. Both existing and potential customers can benefit from the use of explainer videos.

What Are the Different Types of Explainer Videos?

Brand Videos

Brand videos are short films designed to provide viewers with an understanding of your product or service. They can be a general overview of your products or services or a specific story about one of your products or services. They provide an opportunity for you to highlight your brand and showcase your unique brand personality.

Product Videos

Product videos are an excellent way to show all the features of a product and highlight its specific benefits. They are typically used to introduce new products and sell directly to customers. Product videos give you the opportunity to encourage potential customers to choose your product over another brand’s product. They highlight your brand’s unique qualities and features that make it stand out from competitors and existing products. 


Tutorials provide an in-depth explanation of how a product is used. They give your viewers the confidence to use your product or service without worrying about how to use it. If your product or service is complex or difficult to use, a tutorial video can greatly benefit your brand.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Brand Awareness

Explainer videos provide an opportunity to showcase your brand and explain who you are to your audience. They help you show a personality that is unique to your brand.


Viewers can understand your key business offerings with a better understanding of your product or service. Explainer videos are an excellent way to communicate your message to your audience.


Animated explainer videos are an effective way to get your brand noticed in your industry. The majority of brands have begun to use these explainer videos in their marketing strategy and your audience is likely to be aware of other brands using this type of video.


Explainer videos are an exceptional way to reach different demographics, including millennials and other age groups.

Increase Sales

Explainer videos increase brand awareness, which increases sales, too.


Animated explainer videos for businesses can be an effective method to increase brand awareness in your industry. They provide an opportunity to educate your audience about your products or services and highlight just how different you are from your competition. 

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