How Using An Animated Explainer Video Brings Customers To Your Site

animated explainer video

With more and more companies using animated explainer videos as part of their marketing strategy and branding, you may wonder what the point of them is.

Videos are used in marketing to reach out to new customers and inform and educate your current client base. And they can also grab the attention of anyone that may potentially use your business in the future, whether they know it yet or not!

How can using video benefit your company? And why will it help you to make more sales?

Here are 5 ways an animated explainer video will bring more customers to your site.

1. A Simpler Way to Explain Yourself

Whatever industry you’re in, it can be difficult to make your products and services understood to potential consumers. It can also be hard to explain why using your business is the right move for them.

An animated explainer video is a great way to explain a complex or innovative subject in a simple and clear way.

The problem with a written explanation of your products and services is, no matter how well-written, it still requires a certain level of knowledge from your audience.

For example, imagine you sell walking boots. In your written guide, you would need to assume that everyone knows what walking boots are, and how to use them.

But what about customers who have never been on a long walk, or a hike? Why can’t they just use sandals or their favorite sneakers?

Enter the animated explainer video! Your audience will see a visual of what a walking boot is, what it’s used for, what makes it different, and all in a few milliseconds of screentime.

2. People Prefer Videos to Text

Just think — it’ll take you minutes to read the same amount of information that you can watch in a video in mere seconds.

Videos are often the go-to form of media for audiences of certain genres.

Take, for example, the health and fitness industry.

If you wanted to learn Pilates, where would you go? Would you bury your nose in ‘Pilates for Dumdums’, or head on over to YouTube to learn more?

Imagine you want to find the best high-speed blender for making a green smoothie. Would you rather trawl the internet, finding all the pros and cons of each product, or watch a simple and quick video reviewing them all, side by side?

Because text explanations can be tedious and confusing, people often prefer to watch a video explaining the same thing, no matter the genre of product or service.

In fact, in a recent survey by Forbes, 59% of senior executives agree that, if given the choice, they’d rather watch a video than reading the same information on that subject.

Help yourself and your customers out by giving them a simple reason to use your company over the competition.

3. They’ll Share Your Animated Explainer Video

We share videos constantly. In fact, 95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day!

Who of us hasn’t been to a wedding, a party, or even just pointed our phone video camera at something weird that happened on the street, and uploaded it to our social media accounts?

You get the picture. In fact, social video actually creates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

Look at that statistic through the lens of your business, and you’ll see how effective animated explainer videos can be.

The same Forbes study shows that over half of senior executives share videos with their colleagues, and receive work-related videos back, each week. And that’s just senior execs.

Think about your own market and audience, and just imagine how that figure could increase if you improve your marketing strategy through video content.

Sharing is available via the numerous social media platforms, text messages, email, and basically every other form of digital communication. It appeals to every sector of society, and all age groups, so your reachability will be truly global.

4. Videos Boost SEO

Videos boost SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. What does that mean for your business?

It means that, as people watch your video, they’ll spend more time on your site. This, in turn, increases the popularity of your site, which will bump it up on Google’s search engine ratings.

The bottom line? More hits for your website, and more customers for you.

Don’t think this means quantity over quality, though. People prefer direct, to-the-point videos.

Rather than boosting your popularity, a long, drawn-out introduction that takes ages to get to the point will alienate your audience and drive viewers away.

Make sure your video is of high quality, both visually and content-wise. Otherwise, your audience will lose interest and shut you down.

5. Videos Help Customers Easily Understand Your Brand’s Personality

Think about multi-billion dollar brands, and no doubt you’ll visualize their logo, their people, even their brand’s colors.

Most big brands use television advertising to promote their company through video and, by means of the internet, you can do the very same thing.

Remember that, like those big brands, the colors you use, the characters, the type of imagery, all lend to your own brand’s persona.

Why do multi-billion dollar industries use video marketing? It’s because they can help their consumers understand them in a way that pure text and images never will.

Think about how you want your audience to see you, and keep it consistent.

Maybe you’re a small business promoting paper-craft products. Your colorful and creative brand style will probably be very different to, say, a law firm. A law firm will, instead, likely want clean lines and a professional persona.

With that in mind, invest in a good marketing video with a company that’ll listen to your needs, and work with you to create just the tool you need.

The Takeaway

We live in an era where the animated explainer video has become an amazingly popular tool for all kinds of businesses.

To make your company stand out from your competitors, you want one that grabs their attention and explains your products and services in a clear and simple way.

Include a marketing video on your company’s blog or website, and you’ll be taking advantage of an incredible tool that’s going to boost your hits and bring in those sales.

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