How Does An Animated Explainer Video Boost Email Marketing

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Email marketing has been a mainstay of online marketing initiatives for a long time. For a good reason: email is still an effective means to reach many people in one of the most direct ways available, despite its age.

With so many competing for people’s attention, including a flood of emails in their inboxes, standing out from the crowd and creating one of the few emails that get opened rather than discarded right away might be difficult.

That means you’ll need to spice up your email marketing strategy—and that’s where animated explainer films can help enhance email open rates and propel your marketing campaign forward. 

In this post, look at what makes animated explainer videos so popular, enhancing open rates, and employing animation in emails successfully so that your marketing email campaigns succeed and your open rates rise.

Email Marketing and Animation

Email marketing is tried and tested for a good reason because it can reach many people at once. However, it is also outdated and needs revitalization to feel new and modern. That’s where an animated explainer video may help you breathe new life into your email marketing campaign and make it stand out.

Read on to learn more about the essence of an animated explainer video and where to find an animated explainer video service in Toronto.

Integrating An Animated Video in Your Email Marketing 

According to marketers, using an animated video in your marketing email campaigns can raise click-through rates by 300%. Around 64% of potential buyers are more inclined to purchase after watching a video than reading about a product.

Using video in a media that is frequently seen to be text-heavy is a terrific way to set yourself apart from the competition. If your email has a broader focus than one single message, an animated explainer video production can not only assist break up long walls of text and help segue from one topic to the next.

Animated explainer videos, in general, are other excellent techniques to increase email open rates. People will eagerly anticipate what you have to say next since your content will be distinctive and intriguing. 

Your customers will be more eager to open your emails, view your animated explainer films, and buy your items, but they will also become brand ambassadors for your product and message. 

Another reason why explainer films are so effective in email marketing campaigns is this. It’s much easier to persuade someone to view a 30-second or one-minute video than to read a large wall of text on a product. It feels more authentic, less like people are being lectured or shamelessly and openly sold something.

Email Animation Encourages Interaction

Sending emails has a personal feel to it. You’ve been invited into someone’s email, and it feels like you’re discussing it with them. You can use the standard product video methods in that dialogue, such as addressing prospective customer concerns and presenting your items as answers.

Aside from video benefits, email offers a few features that make it feel more personal. You can address them by name and provide personalized material based on their interactions with advertising, blog posts, etc. 

People believe you understand them when you mix sincere copy with a well-done and on-theme video. This is important in establishing and maintaining a personal connection with your customer. 

When buyers sense such personal connections, they feel even more catered to, as if this video, this solution—and, by extension, this product—is made specifically for them.


Why not allow an explainer film to deliver the message for you instead of merely throwing a wall of text at your potential audience? After all, seeking help from an animated explainer video production in Toronto helps you condense a complicated topic or group of ideas into a digestible, brief movie to help audiences understand your brand message. 

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