The Best Places to Add Your Video Testimonials To

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In marketing, the use of customer testimonials is a tried and tested tactic. The effectiveness of these types of videos has led to their extensive use by businesses from all industries. There are many reasons these videos can be great for your business. We’ll highlight how you can use them in your next marketing campaign in this post.

Add It to Your Website

Nowadays, most businesses have a website that they use to promote their products or services. If you are running an internet-based business and don’t have a website yet, we highly recommend considering using one.

It’s a simple way to engage with your customers, and provide information about you, your team and the products you offer.

Adding video testimonials to your website is an easy win, and it won’t cost you a fortune. You can add it to your home page, sales page, sidebar, or dedicated testimonial page. 

Add It to the Landing Page

Video testimonials can be used in many different ways across the web and mobile. One of the most effective ways to use them is to display them on a landing page. Video testimonials can generate leads and persuade visitors to buy.

Add It to Your Social Media Pages

Another effective use of video testimonials is on social media. Create branded videos to share on your social media pages if you want to increase brand awareness. The more videos you share, the more people will be exposed to your brand.

Add It to Your Case Studies

Video testimonials are also a great addition to case studies. Use video testimonials with case studies to provide real-life examples to go along with your product or service. Customers can connect with you more, which is one of the keys to successful marketing.

Add It to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you want to create a more personal brand, use email marketing to add videos to your email campaigns. Video testimonials are sure to catch the attention of the recipient and compel them to read the email.

Add to Online Streaming Websites

There are a lot of online streaming websites to use, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Youtube. These are all perfect places to upload video testimonials to increase your brand awareness and better connect with your customers.

Create a Blog Post Around Video Testimonials

If you want to focus more on content marketing, use video testimonials to inspire your next blog post. Blogging is pivotal for almost all businesses because they can significantly boost organic traffic. Blogs are one of the most trusted sources of information today. 

The Bottomline

Video testimonials are the most powerful form of marketing available today. If you want maximum exposure and a positive impact on your sales, you must begin using video testimonials. We have just shown you how you can use video testimonials in your next marketing campaign. These videos work for most industries, brands, and business sizes. 

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