8 Ways to Use Video Marketing for Business Purposes

video marketing for business

With Facebook Live, Youtube, and Livestream, video is one of the most impactful factors behind today’s digital marketing efforts.

Don’t believe us? Consider the following video stats:

  • 70% of consumers have shared a business’s video
  • 72% of companies have stated that video has improved conversions
  • Messages in videos are remembered 85% more than text messages

Now that you see the huge impact that video marketing for business can have, the question you may have is “how do you make it work for your business?”

This isn’t an uncommon question. Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to use video. If you fail to learn what to do, your efforts may not be effective.

The good news is, you don’t have to struggle to figure out how to use video to benefit your business.

If you want to learn how to make video work for your business, use the eight methods highlighted here.

1. Introduce Your Business

The combination offered by visual and audio stimulation with video makes describing complicated concepts easier. As a result, your viewers will easily understand the message.

Try to create a video for your homepage that shows what you offer or do, and the types of problems you can solve. Make sure all this is covered in under 90 seconds.

This is much more effective than attempting to cram all of the explanations in the initial headline and paragraph of your home page – all above the fold.

Utilize customer feedback to help develop and create videos that will address their questions and needs. You can use social media discussions, customer support questions, and even reviews to find new video topics.

Sourcing topics from your actual customers will ensure people are interested in what you are posting, and that they will continue coming back for more.

2. Educate Your Viewers

Rather than trying to create an overly-promotional video, focus on educating your audience. Creating tutorials that feature your products or a how-to-video is a great way to do this.

You can feature your employees in your videos, as well as company knowledge all while boosting brand awareness. All this is done without selling or pitching being the motivator.

Are you worried that an explainer or informational video won’t be effective? Don’t be. Approximately 46 percent of people stated they would seek out more information after seeing an online video of a service or product.

3. Provide Third-Party Proof

Another way to use video marketing for business is by creating customer testimonials.

Get other people – the ones who love your company, service or product – on camera. Do this sooner, rather than later.

Hearing how great your product or service is from a real customer is much more effective at attracting new customers than “tooting” your own horn.

Also, video testimonials are going to be much more believable and effective than a single line review a past customer may leave on your site.

4. Use the Video for Promotional Purposes

There are several ways you can create a promotional video. If you have plans to launch an upcoming deal with your social media followers, then a quick 10-second video on Instagram or Vine can help spread the news.

You can also create video teasers of new products you are launching. This is a great way to peak interest and even gather pre-launch feedback.

Keep in mind that it is best to keep these types of videos short. The majority of videos published today (approximately 56 percent) are two minutes or less.

5. Show Off Your Company Culture

You can use video marketing for business for a wide array of things. It is a great way to create “culture content,” too.

This is content that lets viewers know who you are as a business. Whether you believe it or not, buyers care about this, especially for small businesses.

Most people want to like who they are buying from, even if this is a subconscious desire.

Create a video that shows off who you are. You can do this by having a short conversation with people on your team or create a time-lapse video of your office over the course of a day.

6. Create a Video Blog

It is amazing how many people love to watch video content. This is the medium that your buyers crave. They are going to click “play” any chance they get – take advantage of it!

You can add video blogs to your regular blog and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Keep in mind, the video blogs you create don’t have to be a Hollywood-style production value. Simply record a video blog using your computer’s webcam. You can even use your smartphone to create a video blog.

Your customers will love it, and share it, as a result.

7. Use Video to Say “Thank You”

Loyalty is crucial to the sustainability of any business. You can keep your customers around by making sure they “feel the love.”

Creating a video just to say, “thank you,” goes a long way. While the production value doesn’t have to be extremely high, make it as good as possible, so your customers see how valuable they are.

8. Interview Experts

To create something truly unique, consider interviewing influencers or partners in your industry. With these types of videos, you can educate your viewers and provide a large amount of value.

This video marketing for business strategy will also help to build your business’s authority in the industry.

Make Your Video Marketing for Business Efforts Worthwhile

Creating videos allows you to repurpose your old content into something new and more exciting. It also allows you to showcase what your company offers.

You can create all types of videos, including the ones highlighted above, or something more unique. Your customers will love being able to “watch” your message and be more likely to share with others.

If you are ready to get started with your own video marketing for business strategy, just contact us to learn how we can help you. We have created thousands of videos to help other businesses, and we are here to help you achieve superior success.

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