7 Tips for Creating Great Corporate Videos

corporate videos

If the words ‘corporate video’ make your eyes glaze over then you’re not alone. Unfortunately, corporate videos tend to have a reputation for being bland and boring. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right creative team behind them, your company’s videos can be entertaining and informative at the same time. 

Here are some tips for creating great corporate videos. 

1. Define Your Audience

While commercial ads are intended to appeal to a wide audience of people who may be unfamiliar with your brand, corporate videos usually provide more information for those who already have some knowledge of your company. 

Corporate videos can include explainer videos, company history, brand philosophies, or a customer focus. 

These videos are usually presented on your company’s website, can be shared on social media and even used in training or conferences. 

With this in mind, it’s important to define your audience and key messages so that you can communicate your unique value to this selection of people.

It might sound risky to narrow down your message too much, but trying to cram in everything and appeal to everyone is even riskier.

A well-defined audience means that your videos will target a specific group of people and their concerns. Ultimately, this will have a much bigger impact than a corporate video without an audience focus. 

2. Hire Professionals 

Your marketing team knows who your audience is, but it’s best to hire professionals to make sure that your corporate video gets the message across to them. 

The right video production team should listen to your input and use it to fuel their creative ideas about how to present your message in a compelling way. 

With plenty of opportunities for edits and feedback, hiring a professional team will simplify the process of representing your brand in a high-quality corporate video.  

3. Make an Emotional Connection

It’s easy to get carried away with dates, facts and figures when it comes to creating a corporate video. 

However, this information is hard to digest and very difficult to remember. It also has little chance of really resonating with your audience. 

Your cleaning products may be 10% more effective at killing bacteria than your competitors’, but the fact that the local hospital uses them is something that people can relate to and remember.  

Making this emotional connection with your audience will inspire more faith and loyalty in your brand. It will also make your corporate videos much more shareable on social media.  

4. Tell the Story

There is some debate about whether our attention spans have decreased due to technological advances in recent years. But, it is true that there are more distractions constantly vying for our time. 

A good corporate video should capture and hold the audience’s attention away from these distractions.

The advantage of videos over other forms of marketing media is that they have the potential to engage the viewer by showing the story through compelling visual content. 

So, don’t waste the opportunity to capture the visual attention of your audience. Show the story rather than telling it. Show what your products do and why your customers choose your brand. This will have a much greater impact than explaining everything in words.  

5. Create a Narrative

Although your corporate video will only be around two or three minutes long, that doesn’t mean that it can’t have a beginning, a middle and an end. 

A simplified version of the classical narrative structure is to hook the viewer with an enticing set-up, create tension with obstacles, and then reach a climax before the final resolution. 

Your narrative will need a protagonist, which could be a customer, your company, your company’s founder, or even one of your products.

And your protagonist will need an aim. Whether it’s to start their own company or to find true love, the audience needs to be aware of what the protagonist wants to achieve in order to become invested. 

The obstacles that your protagonist faces will create tension which can then be resolved before the climax and, hopefully, a happy ending. 

Although this isn’t the only way to present your video, designing a narrative in this style can be a good way to inject some imagination into the creative process of making corporate videos. 

6. Focus on the Customer

Knowing who your audience is isn’t enough to create engaging corporate videos for them. Their main reason they will want to watch your video is to see how you can solve their problems.  

Despite this, it’s still common for companies to produce corporate videos which focus on themselves rather than their customers.  

To really engage with your audience you need to put yourselves in their shoes and consider what matters to them. If it’s relevant you can draw inspiration from your company’s history or aims, but it must be information that the customer will relate to.   

The objective of your corporate video should be to present the customer as the focus of your brand, and position your company as the unique solution to the problems they face. 

7. Share Your Beliefs

Although your audience should be the focus of your corporate video, you should also use the video as an opportunity to share your company’s beliefs. 

Your brand purpose and beliefs are what differentiate you from competitors and give your company something to stand for, unrelated to your own commercial success. 

Ensure your company’s beliefs are clearly presented in your corporate video as these beliefs will also inspire confidence, loyalty, and trust in your brand. 

Think about why you’re here and what your intentions are for your customers, beyond just a vague idea of wanting to help them. To buy into your corporate video, your audience will need to buy into why you do what you do. 

How to Make Engaging Corporate Videos: Bottom Line 

Creating a corporate video doesn’t have to be a daunting process.

By following these tips, your next corporate video is sure to be entertaining and informative, and will have your audience watching right to the end!

If you’ve got any questions about creating a corporate video for your company, get in touch with us today. Our knowledgeable and helpful team will be happy to guide you through the process.