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Work with our Toronto-based animated video production team to create an effective video for your organization.

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Engaging Format + Affordable Cost = Animated Video Production

There’s a reason infomercials are the laughing stock of the advertising world; cheesy, over-enthusiastic actors filmed in unrealistic settings just don’t translate to most of today’s viewers. We’re not interested in endless loops of product demonstrations, we’re interested in information. The key is to present that information in a format that is clear, captivating, and cost-effective.

But Wait! There’s More! (Benefits to Video Animation, That Is)

In addition to focusing an ever-distracted audience on your message (sometimes one word at a time!), animated video production packs a bigger punch for less hassle. It means:

  • Greater customization for less overall cost than live filming
  • Less overall production time (we can develop a custom animated video in 4-6 weeks)
  • No need to search for and hire actors with that “perfect look” (though we are    proud of our voice talent)
  • No need for our clients to become impromptu actors
  • No need to search for and build a costly set

Ready to find out what our animated video production company can do for your organization? Come meet with us in our Toronto office, or contact us to learn more. We work with clients locally in the Toronto area, as well as with clients across Canada and the rest of the globe.